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Why order a Paul Wall grill?

This is the ONLY authorized Paul Wall grills website. Each Paul Wall grill is stamped with a “PW” to guarantee that you are getting a Paul Wall grill. Our jewelers have been making grills for over 10 years. We are the manufacturers- WE MAKE THEM OURSELVES for you in our own grills workshop.

Most email questions are answered the SAME DAY.

Paul Wall's "blood diamonds" statement:

Paul Wall and everyone at Grills by Paul Wall abhors the practices used to obtain "blood diamonds". We do not support the illicit diamond trade. We refuse to use diamonds that have been traded illegally, as well as any diamonds that were discovered by enslaved and harshly mistreated miners. Paul Wall visited Sierra Leone this past summer with a contingency from the United Nations and VH1 in an effort to learn more about the situation there. Paul was deeply grieved by the poverty and despair he found. With the aim of promoting healing and providing support for the people of that war ravaged land, Grills by Paul Wall is donating 100 percent of the profits from sales of all the grills that contain red stones to humanitarian efforts in Sierra Leone and other war impoverished countries affected by the diamond trade, in hopes to help repair the damage caused in part by the illicit smuggling and mining of diamonds.

What is the quality of the diamonds that you use in your grills?

Grills come standard with SI quality diamonds.
We also offer the option for you to upgrade to VS quality diamonds.
Flawless to the naked eye (SI) is sufficient for anyone concerned about beauty but not wanting to pay extra for rarity you can't see. If you want to see nothing to the naked eye -- go for VS (flawless to the naked eye, even to a diamond grader)

Are there any age limits for wearing grills?

Grills should not be purchased for or worn by children under the age of 12

Why are your prices so reasonable?

Since we are manufacturers selling directly to the public, our prices are low. There is no middleman to markup the prices.

Do you accept orders from overseas?

We only accept Paypal or Money Orders for overseas orders.

Do I really need to get a Mouth Mold from a local dentist?

Yes, this is the only way we can ensure that your grill will fit you mouth properly. Our goal is to make you a great grill that fits you properly. Getting a mouth mold from a dentist will ensure a good fit for your grill. Some websites ask you to pay for a “mouth mold” that they send to you, but this can mean a poor fitting grill. We have provided a link on our website to help you find a dentist in your area. (click here for mouth mold pictures)

Can I remove my fronts easily?

Absolutely! Since your fronts are custom designed for your teeth, you can easily remove them, clean them, etc.

What's the difference between 14kt, 18kt and white gold?

We offer you a choice of gold color AND quality on all of our fronts. The higher the KT number, the more pure the gold and the higher the quality. The better the quality, the more resistant the gold is to tarnishing. All gold types however, can be easily cleaned with a jewelry cleaner and/or cloth. White gold offers the clean, bright look of silver without the tendency to tarnish.

How do you ship my grill?

We will ship your grill insured and secured to make sure that you receive without any problems. The shipping will be insured and you will be required to sign for it when you receive your grill.

How do I keep my grill clean?

We provide you with cleaning instructions with every grill that you purchase.

How long does it take to get my fronts?

Once you order online and we receive your payment, you will need to find a local dentist and get a mouth mold made and send it to us. Our website lets you look up a local dentist in your area. Once we receive the mouth mold, it will take our jewelers 5-7 days to make your custom crafted the grill. Each grill is custom made to fit your mouth mold, so it takes several days to make the grill. We will then notify you that the grill is ready and ship it (unless there is any payment due).

Do you have a layaway program?

Not at this time, but start saving up! We will be here.

Do you charge sales tax?

We only charge sales tax if you are ordering from Texas.

Can you give me information on wholesale pricing?

We offer a few products to wholesalers, but not grills at this time. Please check the menu option WHOLESALE for more information

Can I get a deal?

Our POP TRUNK style starts at 65$ per tooth. Also see HOT BOY, BALLER ON A BUDGET, WORD OF MOUTH, DISCO BALL and SNO CONE for lower priced options!

Can you get a grill with braces?

No, sorry! But start saving up. We will be here for you when you get them off!

What happens if you want a grill but have crooked teeth?

When you get a grill, the inside of the grill is made to fit your teeth. The outside is made to look as straight and normal as possible depending on the condition of your teeth.

Can I buy a grill if I am outside of the US?

All orders from outside the US must be paid for with paypal or a money order. In addition, we will only be able to insure the shipping for a maximum of $500.

Can a girl get a grill?

Definitely. All the fly girls are getting them now. Roxsi from 106 & Park has one. Venus and Serena Williams have grillz. If you want something different, you can get any of the featured grills in yellow, white, or rose gold. The stones are also available in red, blue, or yellow for 100$ more per tooth. ***PINK STONES NOW AVAILABLE ON THE FOLLOWING STYLES FOR AN ADDITIONAL $100 PER TOOTH: DISCO BALL, PARTY DON'T STOP DISCO BALL, SNO CONE, POPPIN TRUNK NEONS GLOW, WORD OF MOUTH

Can I pick my grill up at the store? Can I call you?

At this time we only take orders through the internet. Thanks!

Do you want to design your own grill?

The grills are all available in white, yellow, or rose gold at no additional charge. You can change the color of the stones to red, yellow, or blue for $100 per tooth. You can upgrade the diamonds to vs quality for $250 more per tooth. These options are available on all grills. ***PINK STONES NOW AVAILABLE ON THE FOLLOWING STYLES FOR AN ADDITIONAL $100 PER TOOTH: DISCO BALL, PARTY DON'T STOP DISCO BALL, SNO CONE, POPPIN TRUNK NEONS GLOW, WORD OF MOUTH

Can you do a flag design?

Yes, we can. Flag grills are $10,000 each.

Can I get just my fangs?

Yes, just select the style you like, order two teeth, add fang option, checkout. When you get your order number, email us again and explain what you want.

What type of payment do you accept?

We currently accept payment by; US Money Order, Check, PAYPAL, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX.

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